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About Our Brand

Denim group image

 Our Vision

for the कलture 

Dernier Clothing is a brand born from the culture, for the culture and aims at representing artists from various fields who breathe the culture.


The Mission

To collaborate with emerging artists, designers, and creatives to push the boundaries of street fashion and create a community of fashion enthusiasts who share a passion for streetwear and urban culture to foster a sense of inclusivity and diversity within this community.

Creative Process

  1. Research and inspiration gathering: The first step in the creative process for a clothing brand is to conduct research and gather inspiration. This may involve looking at current fashion trends, exploring historical fashion, researching fabrics and materials, and identifying potential target markets. 

  2. Concept development: Once inspiration has been gathered, the next step is to develop a concept for the brand. This might involve creating a brand identity, defining the target market, and identifying the brand's values and unique selling points.

  3. Sketching and prototyping: With a concept in place, the brand can start to sketch and prototype clothing designs. This might involve creating rough sketches, creating detailed technical drawings, and making physical prototypes using materials and fabrics.

  4. Testing and refinement: After creating prototypes, the brand can test the designs and gather feedback from potential customers. This feedback can be used to refine the designs, make necessary changes, and improve the overall product.

  5. Manufacturing and production: Once the designs are finalized, the brand can move into manufacturing and production. This involves sourcing materials and fabrics, creating patterns, and producing the clothing in a sustainable and ethical way.

  6. Brand launch and marketing: Finally, the brand can launch and market their clothing line. This might involve creating a website, social media accounts, and advertising campaigns to promote the brand and its products.

Throughout this process, it's important for the brand to remain true to its values and mission, and to prioritize sustainability, ethical production, and quality in every aspect of the clothing creation process.

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